True Golf Links

The Society

The society's aim is to maintain and promote the game of links golf, while increasing the appeal and prestige of the world's authentic golf links courses.

The True Golf Links Society serves as a symbol of the links golf culture, protecting its history, heritage, and values. 

The society also recognizes the importance of preserving links courses, as they are both economically and environmentally sustainable and have less impact on the environment. 

The organization is non-profit and works to maintain the exclusiveness of links golf, with only 249 courses out of the world's 35,000 courses eligible for membership.

The idea behind the True Golf Links Society started with the desire to belong to something larger. Although the links course is situated on the outskirts of the links golf community, it still feels connected to the close-knit group of links golfers. The golf world is large, but the links world is a tight-knit association. Therefore, the society was created to bring the links golf community even closer together and care for this small family of links golfers.

The Advisory Board

TGLS is led by an Advisory Board with three members from different countries. The intention is to expand the board with one member from each links country.

David Kirkham

David was born in Kirkcauldy, Scotland in 1965. He was literally born with a golf club in his hand, following in the footsteps of his father, who was also a golf professional. David has been playing golf since 1968 and turned professional in 1981. Worked at Blairgowrie GC as an assistant pro from 1982-87, then moved to Sweden and has worked at Öijared GK, Nora GK and Hulta GK. At Hulta, he has been club manager since 2009.

His love for true links golf began at en early age which was quite normal as he had easy access to many of the worlds best links courses on his doorstep. David lives and breathes links golf and hickory golf  and is a true ambassador to the core.

Jan E. Espelid

Jan E. Espelid was the Editor in Chief of Norsk Golf, the official magazine ofThe Norwegian Golf Federation, from 1999 to 2010 . Since 2011 Jan has beenthe publisher and editor of the golf news web site and of the Golftravel site Migrant which is published in English.

Jan is a member of Moss & Rygge Golf Club in Moss, Norway, and of HumewoodGolf Club in Port Elizabeth, , considered to be the only true links course in SouthAfrica.

Jonas Henningson

Jonas is a golf journalist and publisher who grew up in southern Sweden but started playing golf in Australia. With 30 years of experience playing and writing about the best golf courses, he has a special connection to links golf and has played 75 of the 249 links courses in the world.